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Posted by on 7 March, 2016

Redirection is a WordPress plugin meant for the purpose of handling the 301 redirections, keep a count of the 404 errors and help in fixing up all the incomplete tasks pertaining to your website. This is of use when you are either migrating your pages onto a new site or altering the WordPress installation directory.

Among the present features are the automatic addition of a 301 redirection when the URL of a post is altered, the manual addition of 301, 302 and 307 redirections for a WordPress post, for regular support, adding www to your WordPress pages, redirecting the index.html, the index.php and index.htm access files, the redirection figures which gives you information on the number of times the redirection has taken place, who did it and when was it done and how did they locate your URL.

Among the new features are the monitoring of the 404 errors, the custom pass-through redirections that lets you pass through another page, website or file, the logs of all the redirected URLs and the redirection steps such as the redirection based on the login position, redirection to random pages and redirection based on the referrer

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