XBOX 360 = Cheaper, Better!

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XBOX 360 fans rejoice! Microsoft has recently announced that their much desired console will be sold $50 less than what it was previously selling for.

Instead of shelling out $349 for a premium set complete with 20GB hard drive, wireless controller and the works, gamers now need only spend $299 for this gaming beauty.
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What is File Sharing & How Does it Work?

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File sharing basically means sharing data or files across the internet. In the early days, it was done through a complicated client/server model but now it is done with the Peer-to-Peer mode. Peer-to-Peer or commonly known as P2P is a method of sharing data from one person to another across the internet.

As P2P technology evolved, many softwares that support P2P for transferring data efficiently was created. Some of the most popular and widely used file sharing softwares are torrents like BitTorrent and

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Search Everything WordPress Plugin

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WordPress.Org helps you to search for your information using all the possible means provided in this site. A section which has the Search Everything Plugin that helps to increase the capacity of the WordPress Search default system with various choices such as Search Every Page, Search Every Tag, Search Every Comment and Search Every Category for your benefit.
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SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin

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SEO Friendly Images is an optimizing plugin of WordPress that updates all the images with the appropriate ALT and TITLE features automatically. You can add the SEO Friendly Images as per the options you have chosen so as to update the ALT and TITLE in your webpage. Further this adds to the validity of the post W3C / xHTML.
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All in One SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

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Everyone is aware of the importance and benefits of Search Engine Optimization. The site has made sure that this aspect is fully utilized. The Plugin directory has a section which has all the features relevant to SEO in a single package. This package helps in making your WordPress blogs seo friendly. It helps in optimizing your titles for easy location by the search engine spiders and helps in automatic generation of Meta tags.
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