3 Useful Tips to Curtail Costs from Impulsive Shopping

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Impulsive shopping is something that motivates us to buy something immediately. Buying any item abruptly can adversely affect shopper’s wallet. Here are 3 useful tips to curtail costs from impulsive shopping. The first tip is ‘wait a day’. When you have some impulse in your mind, give yourself a day. When you hold on your impulse for a day or two, it will help you to make a clearer decision. The second tip is ‘avoid carrying credit cards’. It is quite self-explanatory. Avoid taking credit cards, it will help to create less temptation in you. Third tip is ‘shopping along with a list’. It will make you less distracted and to be on budget.

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Bridging the Gap Between Teens and Their Parents

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Look carefully a teenager walking in the streets these days and chances are you will spot him or her texting on the mobile phone. Almost 85% of youths these days are ardent owners or collectors of mobile phones, and research found that they generally use their device predominantly for sending short text messages.
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Allow Creativity to Save Money on Foods While Traveling

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Controlling the expenses made on foods is extremely tough, especially at the time of traveling. You and your friends are eating out more, but you can’t get any access to the kitchen. You need to be enough creative to find out a solution of this problem, so that you can make a good saving on that. You can do many things like eating foods at cheap canteens, using coupons, or coming up with simple meals that you can easily get ready in your hotel room. The idea of campfire can also be exciting and cost effective at the same time.

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Gadget News and Product Releases

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Nofollow Links in Posts v1.1

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What has changed since v1.0?

Added a new feature that allows you to enable nofollow link in ALL posts.

Is the plugin compatible with WordPress 2.6?


More Info:

You can download Nofollow Links in Posts v1.1 at:

Official page for Nofollow Links in Posts in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory:

For updates and support please visit:

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