What is Websense?

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Websense is actually an organization which creates a number of products that are used to get better quality services from the various sources. The most popular software prepared by Websense is known by the same name and this is used to filter the web content. This software is used by different government and educational organizations. Read the rest of this entry

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Internet Explorer Revived

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While the rest of the world is immersed in Firefox

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WassUp WordPress Plugin

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WassUp is a WordPress plugin that has been introduced to keep a track of the visitors and get all the information about the activities of the bloggers on your blog site. This tool is meant for SEO and people concerned with the statistics. WassUp is not meant for recording the number of visitors who visited your blog daily nor does it give any information on the pages viewed every month.
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Nano-technology makes things small. It is one of the most recent advance developments that science has offered to mankind. Nano basically means small. Nano-technology deals with making things small and compact, but at the same time maintains the greatness of the product. It offers diversity to a product.
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3 Useful Tips to Curtail Costs from Impulsive Shopping

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Impulsive shopping is something that motivates us to buy something immediately. Buying any item abruptly can adversely affect shopper’s wallet. Here are 3 useful tips to curtail costs from impulsive shopping. The first tip is ‘wait a day’. When you have some impulse in your mind, give yourself a day. When you hold on your impulse for a day or two, it will help you to make a clearer decision. The second tip is ‘avoid carrying credit cards’. It is quite self-explanatory. Avoid taking credit cards, it will help to create less temptation in you. Third tip is ‘shopping along with a list’. It will make you less distracted and to be on budget.

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