What is a Firewall?

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A Firewall is commonly used to protect a network from the outside world against any unauthorized to the network. Interestingly, term ‘Firewall’ actually got its name from a construction industry where a protection mechanism was deployed in building against fire hazards.

Firewall protects the network of the organization from unauthorized users in such a way that only authorized users in the outside world may access the software and hardware resources of the organization.
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Internet: Knitting People Closer

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Ever imagine talking or seeing your loved ones live, when they are actually thousands of miles away from you? This wasn

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Cryptography has Greek origins. It is a combination of two Greek words, “krupto and graph”, which means secrets and writing respectively. It is a technology which converts stream of texts into coded form in such a way that only the originator and receiver of the coded text can decode the text. Cryptography plays a very important role in internet based commercial activities as many secret documents which include payment details, money transfer and other confidential information are to be transferred from one computer to another.
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How to change a password?

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It might happen to any of you that you have lost or forgotten the password which was there to protect the computer. This possibility is always acknowledged by the windows system and options are designed to retrieve the passwords easily. Some people try the options of running another system on the computer and use it to change the lost passwords. Read the rest of this entry

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You can Spend and Make Money on the Internet!

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Internet helps you earn/make money. Yup! You too can make money on the Internet. The internet has a wide scope and has something to offer for everyone. You can sell and purchase online, even you can auction a house online all you need to have for this is the credit card or an internet card. For international transaction you need a PayPal account, that’s it.
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